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The TeraFlex JK: Tera30/44 High-Performance Front Axle Tube Seal fits the oversized 3.25” O.D. axle tubes found on our Tera30 HD and Tera44 HD Replacement Axle Housings.


The press-in outer triple O-ring tube seal provides a barrier to keep the housing clear of contaminants such as mud and water. The inner double axle seal surface features a cavity between the seal surfaces to form a grease filled pocket that provides lubrication for the seals as well as an additional barrier for mud and grime. 

These are the same seals developed, proven, and currently used in many NASCAR applications.

The axle tube seal is compatible with most axle shafts, including 27-spline Dana 30 up to aftermarket 1.5” 35-spline Dana 44 shafts. 

The billet 6061-T6 aluminum seal housing is laser etched with graphics and black hard anodized for superior corrosion resistance.


• Tera30 Axle Tube w/ 0.5” Wall

• Tera44 Axle Tube w/ 0.5” Wall 

• Sold in pairs

Install Time: 2 Hours


• 0.25” Front Axle Tube Seal (# 4354025) 

• 0.5” Front Axle Tube Seal (# 4354050)

JK: Tera30/44 High-Performance Front Axle Tube Seal – 0.5” Wall

SKU: 4354050
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