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Superlift’s 3-4 Inch Lift kit for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco is intentionally over-built to be the best. Our uniquely engineered design adds strength and durability and has bonus features that others kits do not offer.


This kit features FOX 2.5 Performance Elite series coilovers with dual speed compression adjusters front and rear. This coilovers are designed to provide best in class on and offroad performance. These FOX coilovers are manufactured with aluminum bodies, 7/8” chrome shafts, and compression adjusters. The compression adjusters allow easy tuning of high and low speed compression valving to cater to your driving style.


Along with the FOX performance Elite Coilovers, the kit is supplied with high strength upper control arms with MOOG ball joints, differential drop spacers, 2-piece, ¼” thick, skid plate, rear track bar bracket, and all Grade 8 mounting hardware.  All the components add up to the most complete coilover lift kit for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco on the market.


Net lift height will vary based on the OEM suspension configuration: 4-Door Broncos with the base suspension will net approximately 3.5-4" of lift. 4-Door Sasquatch-equipped will gain 3" of lift.



  • FOX Performance Elite Coilovers
  • Coilovers feature dual speed compression adjusters
  • Upper control arms with MOOG balljoints
  • Heavy duty front differential skid plate
  • Rear track bar bracket


  • First in class on and offroad performance
  • Fine tune ride quality with compression adjusters
  • Use OEM alignment specs.
  • Increased ground clearance.



TireWheelOffset (MM)
35 x 12.50 R1717 x 90 to +20
35 x 12.50 R1818 x 90 to +20
35 x 12.50 R2020 x 90 to +20
37 x 12.50 R1717 x 90 to +20
37 x 12.50 R1818 x 90 to +20
37 x 12.50 R2020 x 90 to +20


Superlift 3-4" Lift Kit with Fox Coilovers | Ford Bronco

SKU: K1023FX
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