Bestoff-road.com is a new mindset for truck, Jeep, UTV, overlanding, lifted and leveled and off-road customers by offering outstanding unique products, stellar customer support, comprehensive “how to” training  plus live expert advice on all topics related.  With over 75-years in truck, Jeep and off-road space our team has you covered.  Whether you love new or old, tame, or badass – Bestoff-road.com will help you create YOUR unique style.  Bestoff-road.com will feature all the top brands in the industry plus offer unique products that you won’t find at other sites or stores.

At BestOff-Road.Com we’ve been down a trail or two and we know what works.   What works for us is not content customers.  We want better. We want raving fans!  The only way to get that is to provide the kind of experience that has become all but a thing of the past. Our customers are number one with us,  and that philosophy isn’t lip service.   Each of us at BestOff-Road takes service personally. We don’t hide our contact info away and not publish a phone number on our site… Its right there at the bottom of the page… it’s  800-277-8619 and we're always are happy to chat.  That’s what we do.


Here’s what we don't do.  We don't take on every line.   The brands we carry are the brands we believe in and it can never be any other way… because you don't get raving fans by selling mediocre products.  We sell the brands that provide performance and value.


1- We meet or beat any advertised price

2- We give you points for every purchase that are real.  Were not talking the "points all year, so you can get a free cup of coffee at the gas station " points.  Were talking significant points,  up to 10% of your purchase amount that can be used toward future purchases (see details).


We are real people on a real team with a real mission.  We rockcrawl, we trailride, we race!  If you do these things,  you are our people.  If you don't do these things… well,  we can help you get started. 


OUR DEDICATION... Our serious side
THE VALUE... Its the cash baby



Ranch's roots have been planted in the off-road industry since he was 19 years old. Ranch fell in love with Jeeps while he worked at an off-road retail store, MEPCO. A few years into his retail job, he discovered that there are missing aspects in the off-road industry. So, he co-founded his next endeavor- TeraFlex. TeraFlex started out as a one-part brand and is now a household name in the off-road Jeep industry. After building TeraFlex into a reputable brand, Ranch felt that the desire for competition in the rock crawling community was everywhere, but it needed a platform to compete on. So, he founded ARCA (American Rock Crawlers Association). ARCA evolved into UROC and the series ran for 10 years until 2008. 

In true entrepreneurial form, Ranch sought out his next enterprise, Prodigy Engineering. Prodigy Engineering’s claim to fame was developing full-size hybrid electric trucks for the Department of Energy. After he sold the engineer firm, he wanted to get back to what he loved most- his sports and passion.  His love of diving has developed into two brands that has brought new technology to the scuba industry. In 2016, Ranch launched recreational and military scuba brands called Indigo Industries and Indigo Tactical. Once the Indigo brands were on the road to success, Ranch decided to once again pursue his passion for off-roading. So he teamed up with long- time friends and industry veterans. Together, they are assembling a new team to prepare the development of a new brand in truck, Jeep and off-road retail, Bestoff-road.com. 


Dana Zamalloa has a 23-yr seasoned marketing and sales background with extensive knowledge in all platforms of marketing.  She is known for bringing a signature spin to branding  and developing one-of-a-kind memorable activations.  She has held key marketing positions with Toyo Tires and and Continental Tires and  was instrumental in bringing  them to the forefront of the off-road market.


Dana's ability to cross promote and recognize off-road talent in the competitive off-road world is unique,  as has been proven with her efforts in promoting many top competitors like BJ Baldwin and Robby Gordon.  


She has also worked on marketing projects for many companies including Red Kap - VF Image Corporation, Indigo Industries, West Coast Customs shop and TV show, Universal Studios - Fast and Furious 7, Robby Gordon's Stadium Racing Series, Rip to the Tip TV show, Rip to Cabo and Brenthal Industries.



Our mission is to have the best customer experience and offer our customers the best training and resources in the country. Bestoff-road.com is committed to being one of the top names in the industry by concentrating on bringing new brands and technology into the industry. We want to give our customers the ability to create their own unique style and not be restricted by the opinion of the “counter guy”. We are here to assist you in your off-road journey. Ranch is committed to being available to all of his customers. Feel free to reach out to him with questions or concerns at ranchp@bestoff-road.com.