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Differential lockers, commonly referred to as lockers, are mechanical devices installed in the differential of a vehicle. The differential is a crucial component that enables the wheels on an axle to rotate at different speeds, essential for smooth turning. However, in situations where one wheel loses traction (such as off-roading or slippery terrains), power tends to be sent to the wheel with the least resistance, leaving the other wheel virtually motionless. A locker intervenes by "locking" both wheels together, ensuring they rotate at the same speed regardless of the traction difference. This provides equal power distribution and significantly improves a rigs capability to overcome obstacles.


Brands, Styles and benefits

Several reputable brands manufacture high-quality differential lockers, each with its unique features and benefits. ARB and Eaton Elocker allow you to engage the locker when you want to tackle an obstacle, and disengage it for on-road comfort and turning ease.


Detroit Locker, a longstanding name in the industry, is recognized for their automatic lockers which engage seamlessly.  They are known for their brute strength and reliability.  

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