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PHENOM RUN 3/27/2024 - East Jeep Safari - Trail Metal Masher

Updated: Apr 5

The second annual Phenom Run in Moab, Utah was held over Easter Jeep Safari on the world-famous Metal Masher Trail.  This year’s run was presented by Skyjacker Suspension who showed up in force to join in the fun and festivities and give out hundreds of dollars in gift certificates!  It’s companies that contribute to the sport, both monetarily and by showing up, that make the events special, and we can’t thank them enough for their support over the years.


This trail is rated a 7 but it provides obstacles that can take that number higher if chosen.  This makes it an excellent choice for a well rounded and mostly experienced group of Jeepers. 


The trails starts just off of highway 191.  For those coming into Moab from Grand Junction, Salt Lake City or via I-15 this puts the start on the way into town.  The trail heads up the rim overlooking Hwy 191 with increasingly beautiful views of Fin, Moab valley, and Arches National Park.   You then crest the rim and run on graded and non-graded roads until you see the Gooney bird. Don’t know what a Gooney bird is?  It doesn’t matter… you will know when you see it.   Driving in most of the Jeepers lets their superstitious colors fly and drove over the Gooney birds feet for luck.  We then Turned right and hit the trail.   


The trail itself climbs and parallels Arth’s rim.  Much of the trail is what you would expect from Moab.  That is Sand with broken sandstone ledges.   There are a few playgrounds near the Arth’s rim and side obstacles like Rock Chucker.   It was awesome to see that midway through the trail more and more cautious drivers were stepping up to the harder lines and side obstacles. 


Shortly after the top we hit the BestOff-Road.Com Oasis.   Huge tents kept the chilly wind of of our faces and the food was amazing.  Pulled pork that was cooking for over 20 hours, hot and cold drinks, side dishes and desserts to die for.  The tales of the day were flying as high as the exaggerations. It was all in good fun though and a welcome change from the normal trail sack lunch.  

After the feast we headed down Long Canyon and under “the Rock” for some great videos and still’s.  The run was then finished and in the books.  What a great day of Jeeping.   Thanks to all who joined us a made a special place a special day in Moab, Utah.

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