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Bring ease and convenience to your next camping trip with ARB’s new Flinders Rooftop Tent. A comfortable, easy to set up tent allowing you greater flexibility when setting up camp wherever you are. The Flinders Rooftop Tent has a lower profile than the ARB Simpson Rooftop Tent. The aluminum retractable ladder connects to the top of the PVC cover and can be removed to transport inside the vehicle if preferred, allowing the overall tent to have a lower profile.


The Flinders Rooftop Tent has 300gsm poly-cotton rip-stop canvas with four windows including a large skylight window so you can stargaze throughout the night. The tent also has an all-weather ventilation port and a large doorway which can be left open for additional airflow. Each window has 420D insect screens and gutters on the zips to protect against the rain. Additional features include a two-inch high-density foam mattress designed with comfort in mind, a built-in 12V light with USB connection for charging devices and a spacious PVC cover with enough room to allow bedding to stay in the tent when packed up. The Flinders Rooftop Tent comfortably sleeps two adults and is suitable for all weather conditions.


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  • RipStop Canvas:

    The advantages of ripstop canvas are enormous. Known for being lightweight and extremely durable, a single square meter of ripstop canvas weighs less than 1kg while producing a tear resistance of up to 7kg per square centimeter (100lbs per square inch). It offers excellent thermal insulation, making it ideal for tents as it stays cool in summer and warm in winter.


    It meets the requirement of being adaptable, easy to deal with, resistant to extreme heat, dust, dry, wet and humid environments and sunlight and durable enough to provide excellent return on investment.

    Rip Stop Canvas Maintenance

    Maintenance is easy and cost effective, ensuring maximum lifespans in even the most challenging of environments. 

    Relatively little upkeep is required for the canvas, which has its own built-in UV coating and is water and dirt-resistant. Stains can be cleaned easily with a soft brush or cloth and some water. We don't recommend using a cleaning agent as this may affect the durability and longevity of the canvas. It's good to maintain good ventilation in all tents, both inside and on the exterior to prevent any possible damage from mould, mildew or algae.

    Clear away any leaves or bird/animal droppings regularly with water and a soft brush if necessary. 

    For safari vehicles we recommend keeping the vehicle under an awning when not in use and the use of a ripstop canvas cover in between activities. Seats and canopies can be maintained easily as above. 

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