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Package V1


Lift Kit - Teraflex 2.5" -JT: 2.5" Sport ST2 Spring & Spacer Lift System – No Shocks- SKU 2012000 Includes:Front and Rear Progressive Bump Stops protect occupants and the vehicle from hard suspension bottoming • Features Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnects • Full range of movement for off-road flex and articulation


Installation of Lift Kit - $1,000 

Wheels - Fuel UnitNo- BL  $1,028

Tires - Nitto Recon Grapplers A/T 35x12.50R17 $340

Tires Installation $120

Rear Lockers - ARB - RD245- 32 spline

Installation of Rear Lockers 

ARB single compressor - $300

Installation of compressor $350 

Gear Oil $12.50 

Taxes $334.44

Jeep Gladiator Package V1

Excluding Sales Tax
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