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Introducing the next generation E-tool, the Compact Delta. Featuring a 20% longer back-saving handle it's the first E-tool that allows you to comfortably dig while standing up. It's 3 position broad steel blade can withstand a 400lb + payload, and is ready to pierce through the toughest of grounds to make recovery's of any rig, UTV, snowmobile or ATV a breeze. Plus, with two new mounts, placement options are endless, fitting to roll bars, racks and more.

DMOS - Compact Delta Shovel

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Packed Size: 20 x 7 x 2.75"
    Extended Size: 33" and height adjustable to 24"
    Blade: 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Carbon Steel
    Brackets: 14 Gauge 1011 Carbon Steel
    Connector: Solid Milled Aluminum
    Shaft: Extruded From 6000 Series Aluminum
    Grip: Nylon Zytel T-Grip
    Weight: 2lb 11oz

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