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Go Rhino’s XRS Cross Bar Kit allow you to mount a rooftop tent on your truck while preserving the utility and capacity of your factory truck bed. The corner uprights elevate and support the 4-CORE cross bars approximately six inches above the factory bed cap, which provides for unobstructed access to the truck bed. Mounted tents and cargo boxes will sit below the roof of the cab, which reduce wind resistance. Each 4-CORE cross bar works with standard ¼-20 hex head bolts which allows unlimited mounting options for gear, trail tools and all your toys. Installation is easy with no drilling or cutting required.

An optional XRS 4-CORE Side Rail Accessory Kit connects the uprights on both sides of your truck bed and run front-to-back for even more mountable surface. They are available in 37 3/4" and 49 3/4" lengths and can be cut to desired length.

XRS Cross Bar Kits for Truck Beds
5935000T - For Mid-Sized Beds w/o Tonneau Covers
5935001T - For Full-Sized Beds w/o Tonneau Covers
5935015T - For Mid/Full-Sized Beds w/Tonneau Cover T-Tracks

Accessories Available
5935010T - 37-3/4" XRS Side Rail Accessory Kit
5935011T - 49-3/4" XRS Side Rail Accessory Kit XL

GoRhino | Jeep JT | XRS Cross Bar kit | Bed Rack

SKU: 5935000T
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