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Mile Marker is proud to bring the Military grade 12-volt electric winch – known as the Mission Series Winch - to your truck, SUV, Jeep, or Bronco! The US Military has trusted our 12v electric winch for over a decade and now you can own one - fully customized for the best look! The Mission Series winch is the #1 winch to get you unstuck. With easy-to-operate mechanics & an optional wireless remote, you can't go wrong with a Mission Series winch on your vehicle. Attaching the Mission Series winch to your vehicle has never been easier with our standard 4-bolt pattern.

Fully Customizable

The Mission series is a completely customizable winch in three capacities, 8k, 10k, and 12k. There are 10 full coverage colors & 4 different patterns to choose from. We'll be adding even more colors & patterns to choose from in the future.


Excluding Sales Tax
Rope Color
Color, Hook
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