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The Grande SAE J581 Combo is the next level of street legal innovation.  This auxiliary high beam allows you to drive safely on the highways producing more light than your factory high beams while giving you the option of adding off road performance in the mix.  You can now increase your high beam output while maintaining that street legal compliant lighting. Using the Sorcery Wand to change the lights output through our internal control module, you can select between the amount of spot to flood you want as well as the intensity of the output.  Each light features a 125-degree 70-watt area light function built into the modes.  So, you will always have the option to crawl around anywhere.


Grande’s Outer Body – NACHO’s signature polycarbonate exo skeleton has many valuable features and benefits.  Forced Air Induction, Light engine protection, customizable, and is replaceable. The housing is engineered to maximize airflow, it channels air through the front of the light and efficiently exhausts it out the back, ensuring optimal cooling for enhanced performance. If you are hard on equipment beat the light up and know that you can replace the housing at any time to keep your light looking fresh.  If you are looking for attention, the housing can be removed painted to your desire and put back on the light for that custom touch.


2-N-1 Secured Grip Light MountSimplified Mounting – This true universal mount for the Grande is a patented mount system that allows you to surface mount your Grande on any tab OR it allows you to remove the provided surface mount and direct mount the light to any 1.5” tube. 


NACHO’s Output Control Module: User Controlled – What’s this you ask? Well, based on your activity, having the right light is crucial. The Grande features a module built into our light that allows you to program your light with multiple output settings, to your desired output or beam pattern.  From High Intensity spots, to a low intensity area light.  Customize your light to your off roading lifestyle.


Sorcery Wand a.k.a Magnet on a Stick: – designed to work with our Output Control Module which allows you to toggle through various light settings. The Tip 2 Chip method allows you to configure your light output by tapping on the cheesy chip icon on the side of the light with the provided sorcery wand to select up to 3 different modes. Program your light and set it to forget it with light output you need when you need it. *You can change modes anytime you would like


Constant Power: Don’t let switch restrictions limit you – Constant power lighting is the future. Save on installation cost and unnecessary harnessing items. To simplify this, relays are built into the lights allowing you to run a lower power switch to a high-power light without concern.


Surface Mount Bracket:  – We designed and constructed our surface mount bracket to be made of durable corrosion resistant stainless steel and finished it with a polyester UV protected black powder coat.


Covers – The covers are engineered and designed to incorporate into the light housing, and is made out of a high strength polycarbonate to withstand a beating. The Grande comes with an Amber branded NACHO cover and a solid black ARB branded cover. Other cover options are available as accessories. Smoke, Clear, Black, and Amber are all available.


Hardware: Tighten with Confidence and built for the elements – NACHO uses chrome plated stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion and galling. All hardware is provided to mount your light either surface or tube mounted.


IP68 Waterproof & Dustproof: Built to Conquer Any Challenge – With an IP68 rating, our NACHO lights are engineered to withstand the harshest off-road conditions. No matter how intense your adventures get, rest assured that your lights are protected against dust ingress and water submersion.


J575 Vibration Rated – When it comes to off-roading, your lights need to withstand the toughest vibrations.  That’s why our Grande is engineered to meet the J575 vibration rating, ensuring exceptional durability and performance on the most punishing trails.

NACHO Grande SAE J581 High Beam - Combo

SKU: PM661
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Street Legal Auxiliary High Beam and More

    Activity – Cruising at highway speeds to crawling into camp

    Ideal Location – Top of the Bumper or Headlight Height

    Multi-Function – On-Road Legal to Off-Road Capable

    Power – 80 watts

  • Lifetime Warranty – Nacho stands behind their products. If there is a manufacturing error, please reach out to us at Best Off-Road so we can take care of it.

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