G-Z7J688LBX2 G-Z7J688LBX2
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The new Old Man Emu suspension system with BP-51 shock absorbers plus upper control arms and Diff drop kit.  The rear load has options Standard load, Medium load and Heavy Load ( +400 lbs).  These new shock absorbers are premium due to their dual-function design and adjustable damping, increased off-road performance, improved ride comfort and durability.  


Tire size recommendations - 265-75R16 (31.65”), 265-70R17 (32"), 275-55R20 (32")


Kit Includes: 


  • Front Coilover Reservior Shocks 
  • Rear Reservior Shocks
  • Springs 
  • Upper Control Arms
  • Diff Drop Kit


Old Man Emu (OME) | Toyota 4 Runner | 3" Lift Kit

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