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SJ | TJ30BPB – 3 in. StdSeries Suspension Lift Kit with Black MAX Shocks (Jeep TJ)


On the Wrangler TJ, coil springs and shocks are primary determining factors in ride quality and suspension performance. Skyjacker's legendary Softride technology engineered processes achieve maximum wheel travel, ride quality and extends the long-lasting life of the spring.

The process starts with hot wound 5160 material, a presetting process and advanced method of shot peening. Compressing the spring completely down to where the coils touch (solid height) is preset. This takes any fatigue or stress off the spring and eliminates sagging.

Each coil spring is blasted (shot peen) with hard steel pellets at very high velocities. Shot peening compresses the surface of the steel thereby increasing the tensile strength of the spring.

Front Rear Bump Stop Spacers bolt in between the upper frame and OEM bump stops. Correct bump keeps the suspension travel safely in check.

Rear Track Bar Lower Axle Mount Bracket mounts directly to the rear axle housing to correct the track bar angle. This re-centers the rear axle and improves suspension handling. The track bar bracket creates better handling and a lower roll center. Lower roll center means less side-to-side sway.

Eccentric alignment cam bolts correct caster and pinion angles (front lower axle and rear upper front). Works with OEM Electronic Stability Control (ESC) System. Comes complete with Bushings and High-Grade Mounting Hardware.

SJ | TJ30BPB – 3 in. StdSeries Suspension Lift Kit with Black MAX Shocks (Jeep

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