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This is a high quality universal tank to fit behind the back seat in the cargo area of a Jeep YJ or CJ-7.

This tank can be used as a primary tank (or a 2nd tank).

Because it is not mounted under the tub, the rear axle can be moved back up to 14" back to stretch your Jeep's wheelbase over 107" for the absolute insane Rock Crawler!


  • Each tank is made from 1/8" thick Aluminum alloy 
  • Mounting tabs allow it to be bolted securely in the cargo area into the rear inner fender wells.
  • Tank capacity is 23 Gallons.
  • Dimensions are 35" long x 14" tall x 11" wide (see drawing).
  • Includes a special labyrinth sump, Patent Pending on sump.
  • Includes filler cap and an aluminum cap guard that acts as a dam to catch spills.
  • Designed to fit the YJ In-tank fuel pump module for easy plumbing.
  • Includes two factory Mopar vent valves to be tied back into the charcoal canister.


  • Due to the non-stock location of this tank, this tank is not considered street legal (or smog legal). 
  • This tank is supplied as pictured, to accept the factory YJ fuel pump module.
  • A blank plate and gasket are available as an option. Please order separately, if you require for your build.
  • We also offer an additional optional aluminum ring to adapt the factory CJ fuel pick up (as pictured in More Pictures) to the BLANK YJ Block Off Plate.
  • This tank is made to fit the YJ in-tank fuel pump module (perfect for V8 conversions) up to 5.7L. 
  • Because this tank is deeper, the YJ module will need to be (modified) lengthened by the installer. 
  • Requires a YJ pump gasket (sold separately JP27833).



Universal Tank, Upright

SKU: BST - 4000
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