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AX 15 (1988-1999) YJ & TJ

The AX15 was manufactured by the Aisin Warner Corporation and is still in production today.  The transmission was utilized exclusively behind the AMC 258 and 4.0 engines. Jeep offered the AX15 for numerous Jeep applications including the YJ/TJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee, MJ Comanche and one year in the ZJ.  Similar models of the AX15 were used in Toyota Pickups, Dodge Dakotas, and the Chevy Colorado. These versions had different input and output shaft configurations and are not easily interchangeable with the Jeep versions.  Jeep Wrangler 4 cylinder Cherokee 2.8 V6 applications did not use the AX15. These vehicles used a smaller version of the transmission known as the AX5. 

AX 15 (1988-1999) YJ & TJ

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