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AX 5 (1987 - 2007) YJ & TJ

The AX5 transmission was a manual 5 speed transmission manufactured by the Aisin Corporation of Japan.  The AX5 was predominately used in the Jeep Wrangler and early XJ Cherokees. The transmission was first introduced behind the 2.8 V6 Cherokee as early as 1984. It was later utilized behind the AMC 150 (2.5L) 4cyl engine in the Wrangler from 1987 to 2002. The AX5 is considered light duty by most standards.


The AX5 transmission case is cast aluminum featuring a cast-iron middle-adapter plate which separate the front and rear sections of the transmission. The shifter is contained in the rear section of the transmission and is retained by 4 bolts.  The transmission case has numerous re-enforcement ribbing and features the shifter in the rear quarter of the assembly. The AX5 has a 21 spline output shaft for mating to the NP207 and NP231 transfer cases. Early model transmissions have the output shafts with a flush stick out in relation to the rear tailhousing. In 1997 the output shaft length switched to a ½” positive stick out past the tailhousing.


The early model AX5 utilized an internal hydraulic throw out bearing assembly up through 1993 vehicles. Many Jeep owners experienced leaking problems with this assembly. In 1994, an external conventional style slave cylinder was introduced, where a mechanical style clutch fork and throw-out bearing were used. The slave cylinder was mounted on the backside of the bellhousing and parallel to the transmission. The transmission input shaft is 1”-14 spline with a stickout length of 7-1/2”. The pilot tip is .590”. The AX5 transmission case measures 15-5/8" in length with a 6-7/8” tailhousing section. The overall length of the transmission with bellhousing is 22.5”

  The AX5 transmission is often misidentified by individuals searching salvage yards. The transmission is directly related to other common transmissions like the 6cyl Wrangler AX15 and the Toyota Truck G52, W58 and R151. These transmissions were also manufactured by the Aisin Corporation. An inspection of the input shaft spline count can quickly identify the model of each transmission. It should also be noted that Jeep did offer a 4 speed version of the AX5 referred to as the AX4.

The strength of the AX5 transmission has often been debated.

AX 5 (1987 - 2007) YJ & TJ

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