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BILSTEIN revolutionized damping technology in 1954 and has been impressing motorsport fans with its top quality and top performance ever since.


With numerous podium places and championship titles in races and rallies of various series, BILSTEIN has become an integral part of motorsport.

By design, Falcon shocks provide extremely predictable handling by improving both compression and rebound damping.  Engineering experts have invested hundreds of hours in shock tuningto deliver optimal results that are literally felt by a 'seat-of-the-pants' experience. Falcon shocks are built with state of the art methods including CAD design, finite element analysis (FEA),  and rigorous real world testing.


King’s Performance Race series shocks are brimming with technological breakthroughs conceived during strenuous testing in the harshest environments. Utilizing only the highest quality materials and strict precision tolerances they deliver unparalleled performance. Our understanding of fluid dynamics and piston design has created unmatched levels of ride quality and superior control.


The performance specific internal components of Skyjacker® shocks respond to on- and off-road conditions instantly. Whether you are moving over rough or smooth terrain at low or high speeds, the true velocity sensitive valving produces a stable, controlled level of resistance for better handling, improved stability, and maximum comfort.


With multiple shocks to choose from Superlift has become an industry go to for years. 

Ten stage, velocity sensitive valved, Gas Pressurized shocks are industry staples.

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