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Project - Tenacious

The Jeep.jpg

Many of you will recognize this 1998 Jeep TJ.   It is one of two jeeps responsible for every course design in the RCAA and later UROC world championship rockcrawling series.   Ten years of course design. Ten Years of event recovery.  From the Goodyear Skyjacker Extreme Rockcrawling Nationals to the World Championship Supercrawl,  this TJ worked every single national event. 


Beyond that, it was the prototype unit for many of TeraFlex’s early developments like the LCG suspension, TeraLow, and axles.   Not to mention countless hours of trails around the country. In fact,  most of its 50k miles have been in the dirt… where a Jeep belongs.


One other common place for a Jeep is the garage.  Times change, technology improves and from time to time a rework is needed.  That is exactly what Project Tenacious is… a rework to the most advanced off road concepts, products and previews out there.   At BestOff-Road.Com we have a theory about off road,  and through this build we are going to present some new ideas in products and philosophy.   


 Technology is about trying new things.  Its about trying, breaking,  and trying again.  Its imagination, physics and engineering. It’s cursing, bloody knuckles, late nights and exhaustion.  Its off-road building at its finest!  So join us.   You might pick up an idea or two for your own rig and at the very least,  enjoy the mayhem.   Project Tenacious is about to begin. 

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